Harpy Vardith #1 (1ST PRINT) ONE-SHOT
Harpy Vardith #1 (1ST PRINT) ONE-SHOT
Harpy Vardith #1 (1ST PRINT) ONE-SHOT
Harpy Vardith #1 (1ST PRINT) ONE-SHOT

Harpy Vardith #1 (1ST PRINT) ONE-SHOT

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Full-color comic book one-shot - 1st print

2nd Appearance of Harpy Vardith
Summary: This comic showcases the lives of Vardith and her harpy sisters Giselle, Celosia, and Kobarida as they rule and protect their world under the guidance of Queen Angelus. 
Although they see themselves as righteous benevolent heroes, there are unknown forces trying to destroy the Harpies and end their rule. To many inhabitants of their realm, the Harpies are a menace! 
And then there is River - a mysterious creature who appears and disappears instantly. Only Vardith can feel his presence. Is he a friend or something more maleficent?  
This series is the first to showcase mythical Harpies as the main protagonists. Vardith and her sisters are strong and powerful with unique personalities and ambitions. This book is a test release to assess the potential of a further ongoing series!
Harpy Vardith's first preview appearance is in the Zelpha Comics Sampler.
Additional Features: All the artwork is by Marie Jane Works (her website link is below) and it's simply gorgeous! This is her first professional comic book work. A true collectors edition!
Shipped bagged and boarded! Only 100 copies were produced for the first print. This is Zelpha Comics' first all full-color comic release.  
Pages: 24
Print Run: 100
Print: 1st
Style: Fantasy
Cover by: Marie Jane Works
Artwork by: Marie Jane Works
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame
Writers: Marie Jane Works and Luanga Nuwame
Created By: Marie Jane Works


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