LACROSSA Limited Edition Handmade Cardboard Action Figurine

LACROSSA Limited Edition Handmade Cardboard Action Figurine

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25 Print Numbered Edition

Summary: This is a handmade limited edition action figure originally made for a successful Kickstarter campaign in September. We are offering the remaining copies featuring the new L.A. Nuwame comic book heroine Lacrossa from Newfoundland. Lacrossa first appeared in the comic book/board game release Superpowerful Bonanza (2016). 
The Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Action Cut-Outs is a limited one-time release of movable and posable magnetic figurines featuring comic book characters that are both brand new, and established favorites that have been around for decades. From the physical figurines to the protective boxes, Luanga Nuwame intricately makes everything by hand for the sheer love of it! Each figurine is made out of 100% recyclable materials and produced in Canada. 


Additional Features: Each purchased figurine will be signed and numbered by Luanga Lue Nuwame. It comes with a plastic protective top and shipped in bubble wrap. 

Publication: 2020
Print Run: 25
Character: Lacrossa
Created By: Luanga Nuwame 
Artwork by: Daniel Wong
Handmade by: Luanga Nuwame


Production Turnaround:

Please allow within 1-5 days from the purchase/payment date.