ENLIGHTENED PRECIPICE George Dixon 3D Special Edition Poster (15 Print)

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Welcome to the Homemade Game Guru's new series of posters dedicated to Black History icons and legends!

The 'Enlightened Precipice' Series consists of handmade/hand-cut multiple-level cardboard posters featuring the legendary icons who made indelible contributions to both Canadian and American society. These limited edition wall posters will act as a daily reminder of what hard work, perseverance, and valor look like.

This poster showcases George Dixon - the first Black person to win a world championship, regardless of the sport. The inventor of shadow boxing and one of the greatest Bantamweight fighters of all time.

Each George Dixon 3D poster is limited to only 15-copies exclusively and comes signed and numbered on the backside. After all 15 copies sell out, the poster will be retired and will never be reproduced!

  • Each poster in the Enlightened Precipice (America) Series displays a 3D photo of the featured icon, a short description of their best-known contributions to society/art/business, a wood-textured American flag border, and a gold-textured name-plate. 
  • The images are hand-cut out of Canadian 275 lbs. double-corrugated industrial cardboard (the stuff used to transport heavy appliances like refrigerators and stoves) by award-winning cardboard artist Luanga Nuwame. 
  • As an innovative first-ever design for educational posters, each piece comes with a magnetic removable West African Adinkra symbol disk that the owner can place on any metal surface. Adinkra symbols originated in Ghana, and they represent evocative messages that convey traditional wisdom, aspects of life, the environment, and are also associated with proverbs. In essence, you can take the heroic spirit of the featured icon, through the Adinkra disk, anywhere!
  • If you would like a name dedication added to the back of the poster, just ask. It will be added for free! Posters will be shipped with extensive bubble wrap.

    ALL POSTERS START SHIPPING February 1st, 2024. For pieces ordered and made after that date, please allow up to 3 days for the 3D poster to be completed before we send it through the post. All purchases commence production in the exact order they are received.