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Making America the Greatest Again: Board of Education (Cardboard prop/toy)

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There is a saying we once heard that rings true – “American politics is the world’s politics!” Regardless if you see yourself as a conservative or liberal, or what country you reside in, what happens in the United States reverberates to all nations in some form. Especially now, the current U.S. President has an effect that is something to behold (which can be a good or negative thing based on your political affiliations).


The U.S. President has a particular saying that in itself is causing divisions. The idea of what makes America ‘great’ now, versus in the past, is up for debate. Looking at how one saying holds such strength and can create such a vibrant discussion, we decided to use the idea of the saying to create a simple prop that can be a compliment to the original slogan…or can be a parody of it. Again, perspective all comes down to the beholder, and thus, you must decide what you think this creation conveys.


Recalling the days of yesteryear that included using a paddle-board as a way to educate children – during what some might see what the ‘great’ days – we are proud to introduce the Making America The Greatest Again Board of Education.


This novelty prop is a quadruple corrugated hand-cut paddle board with a double-sided image. One side “takes liberties to whoop some sense into ya.” The other side is a classic wood-texture effect American flag. The flag side is tasteful and reflects what America is – versus the backside, which is open to debate.


This product comes in 2 sizes: 16”x4.75” (small tap) and 22”x5.75.” (grand whoppin')

NOTE: This is a joke prop and not meant to attack or hit anyone — just an FYI.


Production Turnaround:

Please allow up to 4 days for this item to be completed before sending through the post. Like all cardboard products on this website, purchases are created by hand when ordered using available raw materials. You will receive an email with a tracking number upon mailing the product. All purchases commence in the exact order they are received.


Size and Weight:

Combined Packaged Size: 24" x 7" x 1.25" (Grand Whoppin')

Weight: 0.250 kg (0.55 lbs.)

Combined Packaged Size: 18" x 6" x 1.25" (Small Tappa)

Weight: 0.151 kg (0.33 lbs.)