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Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #1 (1ST PRINT) LIMITED QUANTITY LEFT

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Part 1 of a 4 issue limited series - 1st print

500 Print Numbered Edition


Summary: Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars introduces readers to the world of Syfearion and the kingdoms of Paper, Rock, and Scissors. The classic hand game has become a living elemental melee for dominance! 

The vicious Scissors Metallic Empire has declared war on Paper and through a midnight raid, Scissors easily conquered the peaceful inhabitants of the Paper kingdom. The escaped crowned prince of the Papers uses his spies to find out about the powerful Rock creatures while infiltrating the secretive Plastics of Null Forest.

The war between the different kingdoms has begun and soon nothing will stop Scissors from trying to conquer the entire planet. All the while, the all-powerful Anvil elders watch from afar and wait for the right time to step in to assert their dominance.

There is simply no other title on the market quite like this. The classic and internationally enjoyed hand game now transformed into living creatures fighting for survival and peace. Welcome to the new reality of Paper Rock Scissors!


Additional Features: Each purchased copy will be signed by both the creator/writer Luanga Lue Nuwame and the cover artist Daniel Wong. Shipped bagged and boarded and attached to cardboard! 

Published: 2016
Pages: 20
Print Run: 500
Print: 1st
Style: Fantasy
Cover by: Daniel Wong
Artwork by: George Leon
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame


Production Turnaround:

Please allow within 1-5 days from the purchase/payment date. 



Artist Links:

George Leon: https://www.instagram.com/customcomicshop/

Daniel Wong: http://oshouki.com/