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Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #1 (2nd Print)

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Part 1 of a 4 issue limited series - 2nd print

500 Print Numbered Edition


Summary: Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars introduces readers to the world of Syfearion and the kingdoms of Paper, Rock, Scissors, Plastics, and Anvils. The classic hand game has become a living elemental melee for dominance! 

The first print did extremely well and nearly sold out at numerous comic cons, and as a result, a new second print edition was created featuring a new cover by Hugh Rookwood (his website link listed below)!


Release: The new batch of 2nd print editions will become available starting February 24th, 2020.


Additional Features: Each 'pre-order' purchased copy will be signed and numbered by creator/writer Luanga Lue Nuwame and artist Hugh Rookwood + a bonus signed item will be included with the comic. This bonus is exclusive only to pre-orders.

Shipped bagged and boarded and attached to cardboard! 

Pages: 20
Print Run: 500
Print: 2nd
Style: Fantasy
Cover by: Hugh Rookwood
Artwork by: Hugh Rookwood
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame
Lettering: Luanga Nuwame


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Artist Links:

Hugh Rookwood: http://chozenstudios.com/