Customization Services - We Can Make You ANYTHING

After looking over the selection of cardboard games, inventions and oddities offered on this website; perhaps your mind has begun thinking of unique cardboard-based products that can be made uniquely for you – something you just thought of and would like explicitly made for yourself, friends or family. Be it a new board game, toy prototype, wall poster, standee, advertising sign, or household furnishings, we can make ANYTHING you want. All you have to do is ask.


Email us at and let us know what you like to have made. Even if you have just a rough concept with no specific direction, we can work with you to make an authentic one-of-a-kind design based on your ideas.


After discussing your needs and expectations, we will be honest and direct about what we can do, offer a one-time, flat-rate price for the project, offer our ‘plain English’ contract and inform you of the anticipated deadlines. We will notify you of what we need and when we need it to ensure your design is how you want it.


Oh yes, we must state that your completed concept will be 100% yours! We will never claim ownership or future royalties over any original idea we make for a client. This guarantee will be spelled out in our plain English contract. What’s yours is yours!. If your design makes millions of dollars one day in the future, excellent – we will hold our heads up high just knowing we helped get you there.


Don’t be shy. Let us know what you want to be made and no idea is too crazy or ostentatious. The weirder and more original, the better! A good challenge is always worth the effort.




Handmade Taekwondo Trophy Display