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You Tube’s Homemade Game Guru

There are two business entities that make up this website: Zelpha Comics Ltd. and the Homemade Game Guru. Both businesses are under the Zelpha Comics Ltd. banner, but the Homemade Game Guru was the first ‘commercial’ creative foray for founder Luanga Nuwame. The Homemade Game Guru was, in 2008, a needed bridge for Nuwame to express his previously hidden love for cardboard inventing with a public audience.

In April 2008, Nuwame launched his channel on the fledgling YouTube platform (launched in 2005). Nuwame saw YouTube as an opportunity to reveal what unique kid-friendly concepts he can make out of cardboard. It also gave Nuwame a creative outlet to help alleviate his personal issues with depression and loneliness (as outlined in his personal memoir: The Boy with Zero Self Esteem).

The Homemade Game Guru channel garnered its greatest success and growth from 2010 to 2016. It achieved exclusive YouTube ‘partner status’ and had its first viral video in 2011 – back before viral videos were worthy of the nightly news. Many newspaper and magazine media outlets in Canada, the United States, England, and South Korea did features on the many weird and out-there concepts the channel produced. This success was a result of Nuwame moving towards more challenging and over-the-top adult crafts instead of simpler kid’s crafts. In 2011, the Build Your Own Cardboard Swimming Pool video became the starting point of this dramatic change in the channel’s content.

Due to family/parental responsibilities, full-time work requirements, his part-time designing, and publishing business (which has now matured into this website) and YouTube’s decision to open the partnership program to everyone, Nuwame slowed down on making YouTube videos after 2016.

However, now in 2019, that passion – and some available free time – has started to bubble up for making YouTube videos. Videos on the products featured on this website will be launched, plus new videos on mental health and grading services (comics and trading cards) are in the works.

While the new videos are being planned and filmed, here are some of the classic videos that made the Homemade Game Guru a 6.6 million + viewed channel over the years:  


Homemade Game Guru Promotional Video


The 1st Ever Homemade Game Guru YouTube Video


Homemade Doctor Who TARDIS


Cardboard Steampunk Sword Weapon


Cardboard Christmas Tree


Cardboard Elliptical Workout Machine


Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump Rockem Sockem Cardboard Robots


 Comic-Con Vendor Confidential: Part 1


2016 Cardboard Swimming Pool