Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2 (2nd print)
Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2 (2nd print)
Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2 (2nd print)
Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2 (2nd print)

Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #2 (2nd print)

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Part 2 of a 4 issue limited series - 2nd print

500 Print Numbered Edition

Summary: The war between Paper, Rock, and Scissors escalates in this second installment of the series. The Paper Prince Teflord Jr. realizes how much he misses his home while at the same time becomes aware of how badly he acted in the past.

The Scissors become aware of his location, but before they can attack, the Rocks surprise the Scissors and a brutal fight erupts. The Rocks demonstrate their fighting ability and deeper knowledge of the greater war. Unaware of the fighting, the Papers reveal how they stole a valuable asset from the Plastic Kingdom and plan to head back home to liberate their fellow Papers.


Unbeknownst to all warring factions, one Scissors warrior is planning to double-cross everyone and take control of the planet for herself.


Release: The first batch of issue #2 1st prints - 160 signed and numbered copies - sold-out at various 2019 Canadian comic book conventions. The new 2nd print batch will become available starting February 24th, 2020. Orders will be shipped after the release date.


Additional Features: Each 'pre-order' purchased copy will be signed and numbered by creator/writer Luanga Lue Nuwame and artist Hugh Rookwood + a bonus signed item will be included with the comic. This bonus is exclusive only to pre-orders.

Shipped bagged and boarded and attached to cardboard! 

Pages: 20
Print Run: 500
Print: 2nd
Style: Fantasy
Cover by: Hugh Rookwood
Artwork by: Hugh Rookwood
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame


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