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Part 3 of a 4 issue limited series - 1st print


Limited 55-Print Edition

Summary: This is a limited print variant edition of Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars made for the fall 2019 Kickstarter campaign. Copies of this edition will be provided to specific backers of the campaign, but a limited number will be offered for sale on this site, while the remaining stock will be sold at various comic cons in Canada and the United States.

Zelpha Comics is honored to have this rare limited print cover by industry legend Michael T. Gilbert (his website link is below). Not only did Mr. Gilbert create the timeless character Doc Stearn...Mr. Monster (Eclipse, Tundra, Dark Horse), but he also created art and stories for Batman (DC), Sandman (DC), Secret Origins (DC), Doctor Strange (Marvel), Elric (Pacific), Airboy (Eclipse), Walt Disney Comics & Stories, Uncle Scrooge and so many more. 
The content of the comic is the same as Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars #3 1st print. There will be a bonus poster print included by artist Arnold Trinidad (his poster will not be in the standard 1st print edition)


Additional Features: This issue was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and will contain the names of all the people who supported the campaign.

Each purchased copy will be signed by creator/writer Luanga Lue Nuwame. Shipped bagged and boarded and attached to cardboard! 

Pages: 28
Print Run: 55
Print: 1st
Style: Fantasy 
Cover by: Michael T. Gilbert
Artwork by: Hugh Rookwood
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame
Lettering by: Luanga Nuwame


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