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Part 4 of a 4 issue limited series - 1st print

100 Print Numbered Edition 

Summary: This is the final 40 page all-out battle between the Anvil Gods and the various kingdoms. Can they make peace to avoid complete destruction, or is blood the only answer? This issue will wrap up the main story arch, but will also set the stage for the next chapter to come. Plus, there is a HUGE twist at the end!


Release: The 1st print editions will become available starting September, 2021. Orders will be shipped after the release date. 

Additional Features: Each purchased copy will be. signed by creator/writer Luanga Lue Nuwame. Shipped bagged and boarded and attached to cardboard! 

Pages: 40
Print Run: 100
Print: 1st
Style: Fantasy
Cover by: Hugh Rookwood
Artwork by: Hugh Rookwood
Plot by: Luanga Nuwame
Lettering by: Luanga Nuwame


Production Turnaround:

Comic will be mailed within 1 to 3 days maximum of the order date.


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