Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars Comic Book Limited Series

"Sometimes a concept comes along for a comic book that is so original you have to just stop and take noticeRemy Carreiro -

"I think the standout moment for me was the 'Paper covers Rock' bit. Mostly because, with the title and characters, I "knew" it had to come and when it did, it was awesome. Also the bit with little Pebblela on the beach. Overall, I liked it. I'm curious about the Anvils and interested to see where this goes next." Ellen Fleischer - Indyfest Magazine


Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars is a re-imagining of the classic hand game 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' as a planet-wide battle between living elements. Not only are there thriving kingdoms of sentient Paper (Flatopia), Rock (Boldous Quartz) and Scissors (Metallic Empire), but added into the fray are the Plastics (Null Forest), Anvils of the Freelands and their Glue servants. We guarantee you have never experienced the world's most popular and played game quite like this!

Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars is a four-issue limited series that is now fully completed and ready for your enjoyment. Issues #1 to 4 are available, plus some limited print variant cover editions by some amazing artists. Even more variant covers and a complete trade paperback edition are coming soon!


The Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff Wars: The Complete Saga trade paperback is now available!