The Ultimate Board Game Challenge: FREE Public Tournament

To be eligible for random play selection during each tournament, please fill in this form and agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of this section. All information provided in the registration form is private and will NOT be shared, sold, or provided to any third party outside of Zelpha Comics Ltd.


To be held at the Vic Johnston Community Center (335 Church St, Streetsville (Mississauga)), on Family Day (February 20th, 2023) will be the first public tournament of the new giant-sized board game called The Ultimate Board Game Challenge. This is a custom-designed board game tournament consisting of individual 2-foot-long octagonal playing spaces that form together to create a 700-800 sq ft board game.  Each game space tells players what to do to gain the points needed to win the game. Selected patrons who register online on this website to attend the event will be chosen at random to play as the playing pieces to win prizes.


The individual game space challenges are at the heart of The Ultimate Board Game Challenge! Regardless of who lands on each space, most spaces will pit a player against any chosen opponent to do activities like physical challenges (jumping jacks, push-ups), anime running, air guitar, superhero posing, martial arts moves, and trivia questions – just to name a few activities.

The audience gets to vote on who wins each face-off. There are also classic board game spaces like ‘lose a turn’, ‘go back to start’, ‘roll again’, and ‘safe space’. This game will keep participating players active until the very end! (NOTE – players will be standing during their entire tournament) The MC will explain everything at the event. 


The original concept of The Ultimate Board Game Challenge was created by Mississauga-based cardboard artist Luanga Nuwame to entertain his daughter during the 2020 pandemic. He converted his entire house into a giant board game and they played dad-vs-daughter, with mom refereeing, to pass the time. The concept was shared on YouTube and then featured in Reader’s Digest and Canadian media.

Luanga wants to test the concept with a live audience and have people in the community playing along. Thus, this Family Day tournament will be a Canadian-first concept and the hope is to have people come out to enjoy a fun day of friendly competitions.


The Ultimate Board Game Challenge will be a one-day event consisting of multiple 4-player tournaments. Luanga Nuwame will be the MC and guide players and the audience throughout every game. He will explain everything! The event is open to the public and doors will open at 1 pm.

The event ends at 8 pm. There will be a maximum of 250 attendees. For anyone who wants to play the game and possibly win prizes, you must register below. Only registered attendees will be eligible to play the game through a random draw.


YES, it is! There is absolutely no charge to attend. However, there is a limit to how many people can attend the event. A maximum of 250 people are allowed in the event at any given time. Those attendees who register online here are given priority and immediate entry. For non-registrants, entry is on a first-come basis.


The goal is to have at least 6 4-player tournaments during the day. Each tournament should take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. We will keep the tournaments going until 7:30 pm. There will be just one winner per tournament and those winners will have a choice of prizes (new toys, household goods, novelties). NO CASH PRIZES! The prizes are new products and will only be revealed at the event. Yes, we are keeping the prizes secret!


The event is open to all ages! We are inviting all age groups to come to witness each tournament, however, only individuals ages 10 and up will be permitted to play the game. This is because tournaments require patience, standing still in one place multiple times, and carefully listening to instructions. As fellow parents, we know little kids are awesome and full of energy and excitement, but we found kids ages 10 and up are able to play the game without an issue.

PLEASE NOTE - No pets are allowed in the event unless registered as a documented support animal. 


At the event, a large box will be set up to collect food for the Mississauga Food Bank. If you would like to donate any canned or dried non-perishable food, please bring whatever you can.


Terms and Conditions for participation in The Ultimate Board Game Challenge

By filling in and submitting the registration form, to be randomly considered as a player during The Ultimate Board Game Challenge’s tournaments, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Ultimate Board Game Challenge will be a family-friendly event. All attendees at the event, regardless of age, are expected to conduct themselves respectfully towards all other attendees, the Vic Johnston facility, the physical game, the staff, sponsors, the MC, and the volunteers operating the game. Physical violence (even play fighting), physical and/or verbal harassment, swearing and/or foul language, possession of weapons of any kind (even cosplay or props) will not be permitted or tolerated at the event. Anyone found to be violating these rules will be asked to leave and the police may be contacted. Parents attending with children under the age of 18 are fully responsible for the behavior and conduct of their children during the event. Any child deemed to be a danger to themselves, the Vic Johnston property, the physical game, the staff/volunteers, the MC, sponsors, and/or fellow attendees will be asked to leave with their parents. Refusal to leave will result in the involvement of police and the suspension of the tournament.


  • As a public event, The Ultimate Board Game Challenge will adhere to Health Canada’s policies and rules concerning COVID-19. However, as a public event void of a government mask mandate, the risk of contracting serious illness does exist. The registrant/participant, and any registered minor child(ren) and/or elderly family member(s) and/or friend(s) to attend, knowingly and freely assume all risks related to cold/flu/virus/COVID-19 transmission/contamination at the event. All attendees are encouraged to wear face masks, but mask use is not mandated. Registrant/participant, their children, and any accompanying family and/or friends hereby release and hold harmless Vic Johnston Community Center, The City of Mississauga, Zelpha Comics Ltd., Luanga Nuwame, all staff and volunteers, sponsors and fellow participants concerning all illness, disability, and/or death arising from sickness or injury incurred during The Ultimate Board Game Challenge February 20th


  • Participation in all tournaments within The Ultimate Board Game Challenge event requires extensive standing and physical activities dictated by each game space players land upon. These activities include, but are not limited to, running short distances, jumping, singing, hand gesturing, quick movements, posing and contorting, rapid hand movements, push-ups, and/or spinning. Registrants and/or registered minors participating in a tournament acknowledge their physical capabilities to perform such physical activities without limitation or injury. The registrant and any minor child(ren) participating are fully responsible for their physical well-being and capabilities to complete required physical challenges related to a tournament, and thus, are fully responsible for any personal injuries, damages, or health conditions incurred during the event.


  • Participation in any of the planned board game tournaments will be based purely on a random draw of names based on all individuals registering online using the above form. Only those names registered are eligible for the random participation draw. Four names will be chosen at random per played tournament. No guarantees are made that any one person will be selected to play in any tournament. If selected for participation in a tournament, the attendee’s name will be read out loud and the attendee has two minutes to move toward the game board according to the MC’s instructions. If the attendee does not answer the name call and/or does not move towards the game board as instructed by the MC within two minutes, a new random name will be chosen. Once a name has been chosen and read out loud, regardless if that attendee participates in a tournament, that attendee’s name is removed from selection eligibility for the remainder of the event.


  • Participants for each tournament in The Ultimate Board Game Challenge must be a minimum of 10 years of age. For children ages 10 to 18, a parent must register above on behalf of the child(ren). A parent must be physically present at the event for any child under the age of 16. If the registrant is registering on behalf of a minor child(ren), the registrant confirms legal guardianship and/or legal authority to register the minor child(ren).


  • The entire event will be photographed, video and audio recorded for upload to Zelpha Comics’s social media sites including, but not limited to, the Homemade Game Guru YouTube channel, the Zelpha Comics Instagram account, and the Carol Zelpha Collectibles Facebook page. By participating in this event, you grant Zelpha Comics Ltd. and Luanga Nuwame permission to record/stream your likeness/image, the likeness/image of any additional adult included in your registration, and the likeness/image of your minor child(ren) throughout the event. You grant Zelpha Comics Ltd. and Luanga Nuwame permission to upload the recorded and/or photographed likeness/image of yourself, the likeness/image of any additional adult included in your registration, and the likeness/image of your minor child(ren) in any social media posts related solely to The Ultimate Board Game Challenge event. All footage taken during The Ultimate Board Game Challenge becomes the sole property of Zelpha Comics Ltd. and Luanga Nuwame.


  • The terms of this form can be altered and updated at any time. Registrant agrees to adhere and agree to all terms listed. Registrant confirms the terms listed here have been read and understood, and the registrant and any minor child(ren), agree to be bound by the terms listed here.